Your Donations Keep Ford's Pond Community Park Safe and Welcoming for Everyone

The Friends are currently seeking cash donations for:

  • Shade trees and native plants around the playground and at locations along the pond loop path. 
  • Native plant seed for the Oak Savanna Restoration Project
  • Trail maintenance supplies (rental of mowers, fuel)
  • Litter pick-up supplies (grabbers, bags, safety equipment)
  • Dog waste bags

A Successful Public-Private Partnership to Benefit Our Community

All improvements at Ford’s Pond Community Park have been made possible through the fundraising and grant-writing efforts of the Friends of Ford’s Pond volunteers. The Friends completed the grant applications on behalf of the city for over $3.2 million in Oregon Parks and Recreation Department grant awards.

Master Plan Completed 2017

Local Government Grant Program 2016 (Oregon Lottery Funds)

Phase 1 Improvements Completed 2021

Recreational Trails Program 2018 (Federal Highway Administration)

Local Government Grant Program 2019 (Oregon Lottery Funds)

Phase 2 Improvements 2023-2024

Recreational Trails Program 2020 (Federal Highway Administration)

Land and Water Conservation Fund 2020 (U.S. Dept. of Interior)

Local Government Grant Program 2020 (Oregon Lottery Funds)

Land and Water Conservation Fund 2021 (U.S. Dept. of Interior)

Local Government Grant Program 2022 (Oregon Lottery Funds)

Phase 1 Construction Photo Courtesy of Adam Stinnett, Silvi-Pi Drone Media (10/2021)