Playground Construction Scheduled for Summer 2023

Pictured is a conceptual design for the playground. 

Inclusive Playground

Final selection of play structures and design will be determined by funding. Costs do not reflect recent inflation.

The Kompan Forest Lake Boat encourages play, including intergenerational play, using imagination, role playing, and dramatic play. Communication, language skills, and turn-taking skills are learned. These skills help children avoid physical conflict and stimulate the ability to form friendships. Cost: $15,650.
Kids love to play in water! The Bison’s Playground Pump has a child-safe option to protect little fingers. The pump is designed to be used with pressurized drinking water lines and must be pumped to activate flow. This allows for individual and group play. The sidewalks and safety surfacing allow full access, and smooth boulders will add to the natural play environment. Cost (pump and concrete shaped stones): $33,750.
The Timberform Fishing Pier will be custom built by Columbia Cascade, offering imaginary and fantasy play over the "water." The structure will have a sloped entry allowing wheelchair users, strollers, and mobility-impaired individuals access. The netting will offer further play opportunities. Cost: $64,850.
Logs and boulders will provide scooting, climbing, and balance play in a natural setting for all ages. Logs and stumps will be placed on “islands” in the play pond area. The boulder stacking will be designed to allow transfer in/out of wheelchairs, with back rests to provide support while waiting for pickup following play. Costs: Logs and log stack $7,500; Sitting logs and stumps $4,375; Boulder scramble $22,500; Transfer/Misc. Boulders $4,550. NOTE: DONATIONS OF CEDAR LOGS AND SMOOTH BOULDERS ARE POSSIBLE—PLEASE REACH OUT FOR MORE INFORMATION.
There’s a beaver lodge in Ford’s Pond and a beaver lodge will be built in the “Play Pond.” While the design has not been completed, the goal is to have an artistic piece which will allow wheelchair access and quieter, pretend play. This piece will be a signature feature of the Ford’s Pond playground. Estimated cost: $7,500.
The We-Go-Round®, from Landscape Structures, is a merry-go-round-like spinner designed to accommodate children and families of all abilities. There is ample room for wheelchairs inside and the seating positions everyone toward the center to share smiles, laughter, and conversation while in orbit. With the safety surfacing in place, friends or parents can help spin from the outside too. Cost: $35,375.
Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments from Landscape Structures are built to allow users to create music in an outdoor setting. The pieces welcome musicians of all abilities to discover the subtle shifts of tones and individual sounds combinations. Cost: $25,300.
The Log Forest will be built with cedar logs, on a high point with a view of the park and Ford’s Pond. The forest offers a chance for hide and seek, tag, or imaginary play. Cost: $12,375. NOTE: DONATIONS OF CEDAR LOGS ARE POSSIBLE—PLEASE REACH OUT FOR MORE INFORMATION.
The Oodle Swing®, from Landscape Structures, allows multiple users of different sizes and abilities and is a popular choice for playgrounds. Cost: $7,175.
A Stone Age Concrete ping pong table from Bravado Outdoor Products will offer opportunities to rediscover and share an old pastime or discover a new sport (it’s an Olympic sport!). The company, based in Roseburg, specializes in unique, permanent concrete table tennis finished with an anti-graffiti coating. Cost: $10,400.
Two Timberform Embankment Slides from Colombia Cascade will be constructed of metal to avoid static charge buildup, which interferes with cochlear implants. The slides, built for a 4-foot and a 6-foot drop in elevation, will be wide enough to allow side-by-side friends or an adult with a child. Access to the slides will be either via the concrete sidewalks or by scrambling up the bolder piles. A transition platform will be available for wheelchair-users. Costs: $5,525 (4-foot) and $7,475 (6-foot).
Pairs of Talking Tubes interspersed in the Log Forest offer a challenge to find your partner on the other end. This game offers intergenerational play or a way to make new friends. Cost: $6,375 (3 sets)

Inclusive Means Everyone Can Play Together