Oak Savanna Restoration

The Friends are working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to restore the 50-acre west hillside oak-savanna habitat. The Friends organized volunteer crews to clear the invasive, non-native plants and shrubs from the hillside. This fall, the Friends and the Sutherlin High School FFA students will plant 25 acres, with the oak saplings grown at the school’s greenhouse. Future plans call for another 25 acres to be cleared and planted.

Rough Popcornflower

The Friends are working with the USFWS on a project to protect the federally-endangered rough popcornflower, endemic to northern Douglas County and recently discovered on the property.


Park Maintenance

Our volunteers mow the paths, clear brush, pickup and remove litter. Your donations help with safety gear, tools, equipment rentals, fuel, and providing pet waste bags-3,000 bags last year!